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G.F. Streetsanto – Atlanta Life Coach

by StreetSanto

  • I take a Metaphysical approach to Life Coaching…showing people that everything (what we see, and don’t see) is just Energy….the key is to know when, and how to manipulate this energy within yourself and all around you (people, life situations and events).You are a co-creator with The Universe, so get into alignment with what you want, focus – see it, feel it…release your resistance and anxiety about it.
  • I can help you with Spiritual healing and cleansing away mental anguish, frustrations, disappointments and traumas; so you can open up and be filled with purpose and Love. 
  • Giving you practical solutions to increase your finances, re-align yourself with your Life purpose, relationship issues and more.

The Universe always leaves us breadcrumbs and signs to help guide us. Because are full of anxiety and not trusting our intuition, we end up on certain paths in Life. Due to feeling powerless, and afraid…we sometimes need an additional ally to help us realize our inner power (and regain control).

Call me to schedule your FREE 1hr. consultation 678-820-8334.

This is the starting point for my online repository of over 25 years training in the esoteric arts. I’m an Atlanta Life coach and Spiritual Advisor (Adviser) and Reader .…my goal is help people to see and feel spirituality in all things. Helping people to really connect with who they are, what they want to be…and strengthening their alignment  with The Universe.

When you are in alignment, Life…is so much more  joyful and purposeful. Life is meant to be the experience that you choose to have. Ask yourself  this question…“What does The Creator… who experiences and desires thru me…want…right now “?  And you surely deserve it !

 I have studied  I Ching, Tarot  and Ifa divination systems, Radionics, Psionics,  Hermetics, Franz Bardon, Astrology, various Pan African Religious Teachings,  Reiki, Golden Dawn,  as well as more “modern” concepts/ideas and teachers like Law of Attraction –> Abraham-Hicks, Bashar,  Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) , EFT –> Emotional Freedom Technique,  Mind Body Spirit—> Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. It is my hope that I can answer a few questions about Life, and impart a bit of information to inquiring minds.
You can check out some of my other articles  and writings right here.

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